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55 Gallon Trash Bags

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42 Gallon Roll of 100 Bags, 4 MIL Extra Heavy Duty Contractor Trash Bag
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55 gallon trash bags
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We Manufacture Quality 55 Gallon Clear Recycle Trash Bags

At OX Plastics, we stand behind the quality of our products. Our 55 gallon clear recycle trash bags are suitable for lining heavy large trash can. They can also be used as strong recycle bags. The bags are 1.5 mil thick and feature blue and clear or translucent options. For tasks that require strong, clear plastic bags or if you want to see through the bag to view its contents, the translucent 55 gallon clear recycle trash bags are the ideal option. We have 55 gallon 3 mil trash bags which are perfect if you need large, thick bags.

Unlike other traditional bags, our trash bags are designed to fit on the standard Rubbermaid trash cans. The bag will fit the trash can seamlessly, without stretching the bag or leaving it loosely on the can. This way, you can easily tie, carry, and toss the trash bag away for disposal. Whether you need the trash bags for your home, commercial kitchen, hospital, or supermarket, our 55 gallon trash bags will serve you excellently.

Turn To Us for Quality & Durable 55 Gallon Contractor Trash Bags

For your site cleanup, do not choose inferior quality trash bags. These bags can easily tear or rip once they are punctured by sharp objects. At OX Plastics, we manufacture quality and strong 55 gallon contractor trash bags. The thickness of our contractor trash bags ranges between 3 mil and 4 mil. With these, they are able to handle heavy loads and vigorous cleanup tasks.

Also, our 55 gallon contractor bags are tear and puncture-resistant. The trash bags feature low-density resin. This helps to provide strong resistance against tearing or ripping by broken glass, nails, sharp metal lids, and other kinds of trash. The contractor trash bags also feature an added layer or reinforcement for extra strength and resilience. Whether you are using the bag for minor or major cleanup application, they will serve you excellently.

Ox Plastics also carries other commercial items, like these super-durable, extra heavy duty aluminum foil.

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OX Plastics can supply you with high-quality and durable trash bags that will serve you exceptionally.

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