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Pallet Wrap | Ox Plastics

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3 Inches X 1000 Feet Rolls With Handles, Plastic Film Pallet Shrink Wrap, 80 Gauge Thick, Clear, Industrial
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Plastic Stretch Pallet Wrap Core, 3 X 1000 Feet, 80 Gauge, Clear Shrink, 3-Pack
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Plastic Stretch Pallet Wrap Core, 3 Inches X 1000 Feet, 80 Gauge, Clear
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Plastic Stretch Pallet Wrap Core, 3 X 1000 Feet, 80 Gauge, Clear Shrink, 6-Pack
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Pallet wraps help provide adequate protection for items, boxes, and packages in transit. Quality shrink wraps can help protect your items from torque forces, scratches, and other external forces. However, finding the ideal pallet wrap or stretch film is vital. Always turn to Ox Plastics for your quality and reliable pallet and shrink wraps.

At OX Plastics, we specialize in creating quality and durable industrial strength pallet wrap for businesses, movers, and shipping companies. Our industrial wraps are suitable for wrapping pallets and packing supplies either in storage or transit like using shrink wrap for furniture. These wraps are very strong and more durable when compared with standard plastic wraps.

What’s more, our moving wraps are manufactured in the USA with the best and finest quality polyethylene material. The wraps are certified 80 gauge thick. We have wraps of 18 and 20 inches wide and 1000 to 1500 feet long. These plastic furniture wraps are better and safer than standard wraps, tape, or belts. No matter your pallet wrap needs, we have the ideal solution for you.

Our Wraps are Suitable for Boxes and Pallets

Not all shrink wraps are suitable for wrapping boxes, pallets, or packing supplies. Our industrial wraps at OX Plastics are among the best quality and strongest wraps you can find on the market today. These wraps feature enhance thickness and improved strength.

Whether you use the wraps to wrap pallets, boxes, or furniture, they will surely deliver excellent performance. Even if you use these shrink wraps to stacking boxes on pallets for shipment, they will offer the needed security and protection for your package.

We Make Thick & Puncture-Resistant Pallet Wrap

Certified 80 gauge thick, our shrink wraps are thick enough to prevent foreign objects from scratching, puncturing, or damaging the package. The bulk shrink wrap will also prevent moisture from penetrating through the film. No wonder our wraps are used for wrapping large items like storage boxes, drawers, furniture, and many more.

What’s more, our industrial wraps are manufactured using low-density resin material. This makes the wraps resistant to tear or puncture. The pallet wrap will remain strong and resilient under heavy use. Our industrial wraps are the thickest, strongest, and most durable wrap you can always use to provide adequate protection and security for items and packages.

We Offer Fast & Free Shipping

Also, we offer prompt and reliable services. Our fast and free shipping will help save you the stress and cost of shipping your orders. We can ship to all states across the nation. Our shipping takes three to four business days. We will make sure your orders are delivered safely to your store or doorstep.

Turn To Us for Quality Pallet Wraps

Whether you are moving or storing items, it is essential to keep the package safe and secured. Contact us today at OX plastics. Our industrial wraps are affordable and reliable. We give discounts on bulk orders. We can supply you with the best quality, strongest, and most durable moving wraps. With this, you can keep your items safe and secure both in storage and in transit. 

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