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3 Inches X 1000 Feet Rolls With Handles, Plastic Film Pallet Shrink Wrap, 80 Gauge Thick, Clear, Industrial
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Plastic Stretch Pallet Wrap Core, 3 X 1000 Feet, 80 Gauge, Clear Shrink, 3-Pack
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Plastic Stretch Pallet Wrap Core, 3 Inches X 1000 Feet, 80 Gauge, Clear
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We Manufacture Quality and Reliable Moving Wraps

At OX Plastics, we stand behind the quality of our products. Our furniture moving wraps are manufactured in the USA using superior quality polyethylene material. In addition to durability and improved strength, the wraps are certified 80 gauge thick. They are the strongest, thickest, and most durable moving wrap you can use to protect your furniture, be it in storage or in transit.

Also, our furniture wraps are made from low-density resin material. They are tear and puncture-resistant. The wraps have what it takes to secure and protect items and furniture in transit superbly, without ripping or tearing.

Can I Use Shrink Wrap For Furniture During a Move?

Heavy-gauge shrink wrap makes an excellent product to protect furniture during a short or long-distance move. Ox Plastics is pleased to carry 80-gauge plastic wrap in a variety of widths and lengths, ideal for wrapping furniture, artwork, heavy or bulky items, and many other belongings that are difficult to source boxes for your move. If you're looking for a way to keep costs of moving down without compromising on security or protection, consider a tough plastic wrap for larger items and boxes for smaller ones.

Protect Your Furniture with Our Moisture Resistant Wraps

Water isn’t a friend of furniture and shouldn’t be allowed to mess with your new furniture pieces. Our moving wraps at Ox Plastics are moisture resistant, non-adhesive, and feature odor barrier. The wraps will prevent water from air or humidity from penetrating through the film and affecting the package.

The odor barrier prevents unpleasant odor from entering the wrapped item. Since the wraps are non-adhesive, you can be confident that they will not stick to the packaged item. Once the furniture pieces are delivered, you can easily remove the wrap.

All these qualities make our wraps suitable for wrapping not only furniture but other items such as package supplies, boxes on pallets, and many more. Whether you use the moving wraps for heavy-duty or minor wrapping, they will serve you exceptionally.

When heat is applied to furniture wrap, it creates a very tight seal around the furniture. The wrap offers adequate protection for the wrapped content. Once perfectly sealed, the package will not be vulnerable to damages which can be caused by dirt, moisture, or dust. For your quality moving wraps, always turn to OX Plastics. We can supply you with these wraps in large or bulk quantities.

Highest Quality Furniture Wrap

At Ox Plastics, we specialize in making quality moving wraps including shrink wraps for furniture, plastic shrink wraps, heavy duty shrink wrap, and many more. All our wraps are highly durable, strong, and thick. The wraps are difficult to puncture or tear. Whether you use the wraps to cover furniture, moving boxes, or pallets, they are guaranteed to deliver excellent performance. If you like our great industrial items, you'll love our extra heavy duty aluminum foil too.

For years, we have been recognized to manufacture quality wraps for homes and businesses across the nation. Our wraps remain the preferred option for hundreds of furniture, moving, and shipping companies. Unlike other materials, these wraps do not weaken or become brittle when exposed to extreme cold or sun. Once heated and sealed over your furniture or package, they will not sag or loosen. With these wraps, you can be confident that your package is safe from scratches or damages.

Order your own furniture wraps at Ox Plastics today!

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