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Contractor Trash Bags | Choose Any Size | Or Customize!

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95 Gallon Contractor Toughest Durable Trash Bags, Heavy Duty Strength, 2.2mil (25 Count)
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42-46 Gallon Heavy Duty Garbage Bags | Extra Strength and Excellent Quality | 3 MIL Thick |  37" x 43" Size | Black | 25 Bags Per Case | Made in USA
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30 Gallon Trash Bags

Tough garbage and clean up applications require tough trash bags. When you are carrying out a major cleanup job with lots of heavy trash to remove, the last thing you need is a trash bag that will rip or split. It is advisable to go for trash bags with up to 2 mil thickness or more. For your trash removal and heavy cleanup jobs, our 30 gallon trash bags at OX Plastics are perfect for the task.

What Are the Uses for 32 Gallon Trash Bags?

32 gallon trash bags are the ideal size to hold all types of garbage, debris and yard waste. The 32 gallon size is generally about 33 inches by 44 inches. This size is perfect for filling with almost any type of garbage that you need to throw away. The size is large enough to hold plenty of junk without being unwieldy. At home you can use them for regular household trash, cleaning out the garage, filling with yard debris or sorting out old clothing and items to be given away. They can also be used on the job site for all types of mid-sized cleanups.

Everyone needs to take care of trash disposal. Plastic trash bags are the easiest and most efficient way to get rid of trash. Some trash bags are stronger and more durable than others. When you have a lot of debris or need to get rid of heavy objects or debris that is made of odd shapes and sizes, large contractor bags are the best choice. It is a good idea to have a roll of heavy duty trash bags ready for use whenever you might need them.

40 Gallon Trash Bags

Large, heavy duty 40 gallon trash bags are often used for collecting construction debris and other clean up applications.  The thickness of these trash bags make it possible to keep waste intact and prevent odor from escaping. However, with lots of trash bags on the market today, finding quality products can be a tough. For your quality and durable trash bags, always turn to OX Plastics.

At OX Plastics, we manufacture quality, strong, and durable trash bags suitable for various residential and commercial uses. Our 40 gallon contractor trash bags feature a thickness of 2 mil. These contractor trash bags are very large and extra wide. They are easy to easy to use, carry, and dispose. They are also suitable for use as trash can liners.

What are the Features of 45 Gallon Trash Bags?

45 gallon trash bags made of 4 MIL plastic are built to be tough. The bags measure 37 inches by 43 inches in size. They can hold quite a bit of garbage or debris. They can be used to line large trash cans. Trash bags are made in the USA of high quality plastic. The bags come in a roll so they can be easily used when needed. They have self-tying handles so you can securely close them once they are full. The bags are able to stretch to hold many types of objects and debris.

64 Gallon Trash Bags from OX Plastics

At OX Plastics, we believe in providing quality products and services. Our trash bags are designed with a reinforced bottom, middle, and top. These help to prevent the bags from ripping or tearing. The bags also feature leak protection capabilities. With these, you can be certain that wet or moist waste will be kept intact.

Also, the bags are easy to use. When used for trash collection, you can easily open, close, and tie. For waste disposal, you can easily lift, carry, and toss the bag away. Above all, the trash bags are strong and durable and are designed to handle heavy loads. The bag makes cleaning relatively easy. They provide a flexible means to tackle all your household, commercial, and construction wastes.

What Size Trash Bags Do We Carry?

Trash bags are available in various sizes to meet every possible need. The most popular sizes range from 39 gallon to 60 gallon. Larger sizes, like contractor bags 3 mil can hold much more debris than smaller ones, however, you must keep in mind the type and weight of the garbage that you need to throw away. You don’t want to fill the bags with so much debris that you can’t lift them. Contractors often need massive bags, like our 96 gallon trash bags to handle a great deal of trash that accumulates on a construction site. Even if you have a dumpster on site you will still want to utilize trash bags to contain the bulk of debris on a construction or demolition location. For example, check out our 55 gallon 3 mil trash bags for a strong, durable bag.

How Durable Are Contractor Trash Bags?

Trash bags, like this 55 gallon bag, are extremely heavy duty so they can handle all types of garbage. There are many sharp objects on construction sites such as nails, glass, pieces of metal and wood that could break standard plastic bags. For this reason you want to choose bags that are made of strong materials. Contractor bags also hold in liquids without leaking so you can discard of old cups of coffee or soft drinks that are lying around the site.

What are Trash Bags Made Of?

Contractor trash bags are made of strong, durable plastic. They are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.5 mil to 4 mil. Our bags are made in the United States in New York and New Jersey, including our bestselling 55 gallon trash bags. They are available in rolls rather than boxes. Rolls makes them easier to use and you can keep them in many various locations so you always have access to a trash bag when you need one. Our trash bags are competitively priced and are guaranteed. You may receive a discount when placing a bulk order.

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