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Contractor Bags 3 MIL

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Ox Plastics 3 MIL Contractor Bags

Building and construction projects are hardly ever a neat and tidy process. Whether you are starting a new building construction, gutting a house for renovation, running electrical or plumbing works, you need to make a mess to execute the project. Contractor bags 3 mil are the ideal contractor trash bags for cleaning up the mess. For your clean up application, always choose our reliable contractor trash bags at OX Plastics.

At OX Plastics, we specialize in producing quality, durable contractor trash bags suitable for commercial use and clean up applications. We offer you a huge selection of contractor trash bags of different dimensions, gallons, and thickness. We have 42 gallon trash bags, 60 gallon trash bags, 65 gallon trash bags, 95 gallon trash bags and so forth. These contractor bags feature up to 3 mil thickness to give them the needed strength and durability.

In addition, we understand how important these contractor bags 3 mil are, to your various construction projects. We offer the finest and best selection of contractor trash bags you can find in the market. You can always count on us to supply your home or business with quality, durable, contractor trash bags in large or bulk quantities.

Why Choose Our Contractor Trash Bags

When in the market for contractor trash bags, it is important to shop products made by a reputable company. Some reasons why you should choose our contractor trash bags include:

Made From Quality Material

Our 3mil thick contractor trash bags are made from high-quality plastic materials.  The bags are reliable, highly durable and strong. The bags are tear and puncture-resistant. With this, the bags can hold wastes without tearing or leaking.

Features Enhanced Strength

Construction projects, electrical or plumbing works often feature lots of sharp and pointed objects including nails, pipes, and so forth. Our contractor bags 3 mil feature enhanced strength. The contractor trash bags offer the required thickness which will help prevent tears and rips. The reinforced top, middle, and bottom of the bags ensure that the bag is able to hold waste excellently.

Designed For Heavy Use

Our trash bags are suitable for all building projects and designed for heavy use. They can hold metal, wood, liquids, ceramic shards, cardboard, as well as broken glass with ease. They are tough enough to handle construction debris without tears or punctures. You can trust the bag to perform exceptionally even when overused.

Reliable Value and Excellent Performance

What’s more, our contractor trash bags are manufactured to combine innovative features, reliability, ease of use, and convenience. The bags are easy to use, tie, pick up, and toss away for disposal. Whether you are using the bag for minor or major clean up applications, you can always expect excellent performance.

Turn To Us For Affordable, Quality Contractor Trash Bags

Contact us today at OX Plastics for your residential and commercial trash bag needs. Our products are affordable and highly reliable. We also offer customized solutions for contractor bags 3 mil. No matter the amount, gallon, dimension, or thickness of bags you need, we can make them available.