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If you are looking for a reliable, sturdy, and hard to puncture garbage bags and industrial shrink wrap, look no further. Ox Plastics offers you the best solution to dispose of your waste properly and secure your items with commercial and industrial shrink wrap. Our products are made from already recycled plastic materials that are easy to recycle again. We are also working on making a biodegradable plastic solution for the future of our planet.

In addition, our heavy duty shrink wraps and plastic furniture wrap are highly reliable and puncture-resistant. Many companies and industries across the nation have chosen our shrink wraps as the preferred option for their various wrapping and packaging needs. These shrink wraps are much stronger and durable compared with standard wraps. They are also better and safer than belts or tape. If you want the best protection for your package, our heavy duty shrink wraps are just what you need.

Uses of a Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap can be used to overwrap packages such as beverage cans, pallet loads, boxes and many more. It helps to stabilize a product, keep them sanitary, unitize them, and add tamper or break resistance. It is used primarily in covering cheese, meats, fruits, and vegetables - preserving them by using electric heat shrink tubing. It is also used as furniture wrap.

Shrink wrapping can also be used for industrial applications by shrinking its film using a heavyweight. It can contain large plant equipment or components, scaffold wrap buildings and bridges for containment, and building with temporary shrink wrap structures for business use. Additionally, it can shrink wrap marine vehicles such as boats, palletized freight, and for disaster relief projects.

Shrinkwrap has several forms, flat roll stock, center-folded film, and pre-formed plastic shrink bags. These wraps have its intended purpose and usage for each item it covers. Flat roll stock is wrapped around an item and sealed with heat. Center-folded films placed the product in the center then heated to conform to the product and form a bag. Prefolded shrink bags have one open end, the product placed in the center then sent for heat shrinking.

What is a Shrink Wrap?

A shrink wrap or a shrink film is made up of polymer plastic film material. It shrinks tightly to cover the intended product once heat is applied. You can apply heat through a hand-held heat gun or having the product pass through a conveyor of heat tunnel.

Commercial shrink wrap is available with different clarity, thickness, shrink ratio and strength. It has two primary films that can either be non-crosslinked or crosslinked. Other shrink wraps can include PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and other composition.

Different properties are involved with laminations and coextrusion for specific barrier properties and mechanical shrink wrapping of food. One example includes five layers of configuration that involves EP-EVA-copolyester-EVA-EP.

Shrink wrap can also be used to wrap a building. It contains facilities after an earthquake, hurricane, tornadoes, and other disasters. It helps to conduct safe removal of lead, asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Shrink wrapping is also used for books such as premium comics, manga, and adult-oriented books to avoid casual viewing and preserve their condition.