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Plastic Wraps for Moving | Ox Plastics

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Plastic shrink wrap from Ox Plastics adds incredible value to your move, lessening the labor involved in finding and boxing up larger items and providing superior protection during the move. Plastic shrink wrap is very affordable and is considered one of the best ways to hold down costs during a move.

Moving shrink wrap help provide adequate security and protection for items or packages in transit or storage. Provided the shrink wraps are of superior quality, they will be able to prevent any form of scratch or damage to the package. Always turn to OX Plastics for your quality shrink wraps. Our plastic furniture wrap are perfect for keeping your items safe and secure both in storage and on the move.

See our entire inventory of heavy duty plastic wrap products. Our made-in-USA plastics are a better quality product than anything you'll find online - and shipping is always free in the US. Speak with our customer support team if you don't see what you're looking for in our inventory - we're always happy to help.

Can You Use Saran Wrap For Moving?

For minimal items or clothing, you can use Saran Wrap to hold things together for a move. For heavier-duty jobs, you'll need to purchase professional plastic wrap for moving or shrink wrap for furniture. Saran Wrap merely is not tough enough for most tasks, nor is it large enough to provide protection or security during a relocation. Ox Plastics carries a broad range of heavy duty shrink wrap for moving furniture, items on pallets, and many other types of belongings. See our 'Pallet Wrap' section for our full inventory of 3-inch, 5-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch wrap in lengths up to 1,500 ft.

Is Kitchen Wrap the Same as Plastic Wrap for Moving?

There is an enormous difference between the extremely thin plastic wrap used in kitchens to cover bowls and keep fruits and vegetables fresh and the plastic wrap used by professional movers. Ox Plastics' tough pallet shrink wrap is available in 80 gauge thickness for heavy-duty stretch and industrial strength. We know what it takes to protect even your most delicate and sensitive items during your move, which is why we carry one of the best selections of plastic wrap for moving that you'll find online.

Which Width of Plastic Wrap is Best for Moving?

Different widths of plastic wrap are designed for different purposes during a move. Use wider sheet lengths for pallets and furniture and narrower width wraps for securing wrapped items once they're covered. With a little practice, you'll quickly learn which products to use for which jobs. Handle rolls are, by far, the easiest type of plastic wrap to use for large moving projects.

Will I Need to Purchase Packing Take to Use With Plastic Wrap?

In most cases, you won't need much packing tape when you use plastic wrap. Narrow-width shrink wrap rolls make an excellent tape, simply leave off close to the place where your wrap started and tie the two ends together for security. Plastic wrap has stretch capabilities, so it shrinks to the items you wrap, making packing tape virtually unnecessary. That said, it's always a good idea to keep a roll of packing take on hand during a relocation project- you never know when boxes or containers will require additional taping.

Turn To Us for Quality Moving Shrink Wraps

Whether you are storing or moving items, it is important to keep the package safe and secured. Using quality shrink wraps can help safeguard your package. Contact us today at OX plastics for the best quality, thickest, strongest, and most durable moving wraps.

Above all, our moving shrink wraps are affordable, reliable, and guarantee value and performance. We can offer you a customized solution for your moving wraps. We also give discounts on bulk shrink wrap orders. Our moving wraps will serve your commercial and industrial moving, and packaging needs excellently. A trial will convince you.