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Thick Trash Bags | Ox Plastics

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95 Gallon Contractor Toughest Durable Trash Bags, Heavy Duty Strength, 2.2mil (25 Count)
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42-46 Gallon Heavy Duty Garbage Bags | Extra Strength and Excellent Quality | 3 MIL Thick |  37" x 43" Size | Black | 25 Bags Per Case | Made in USA
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Plastic garbage bags have only been around for about 50 years. Before that time people would have to place trash into paper bags or into metal or glass containers. All that changed when trash bags became available. Today you can find plastic trash bags and large contractor bags in a large variety of sizes and with various levels of thickness. Small trash bags are typically used to hold residential garbage while large sizes such as 4 MIL trash bags are meant for commercial use.

What are Thick Contractor Trash Bags?

Thick contractor trash bags are extremely strong bags that built for tough jobs. They are large in size and sturdy enough to hold all types of garbage. They come in different sizes and styles. 45 gallon trash bags and 55 gallon trash bags are ideal for contractors because they can hold a large amount of trash without bursting. Contractors need to be able to count on trash bags to hold all types of debris that is leftover from the construction process. These bags are made of thick plastic so they can handle all types of jobs. Check out some of our thickest trash bags like these 3 mil trash bags.

How durable are Ox Plastics Thick Trash Bags?

Our trash bags are extremely durable and are available in different thicknesses. The most common thicknesses are 2 MIL, 3 MIL and 4 MIL and that includes our massive 55 gallon contractor bags too. 3 MIL bags are made for lightweight trash and are not as durable as thicker bags. If you are looking for a very durable trash bag that will hold sharp and oddly-shaped items the best choice is a 4 MIL bag. 4 MIL bags are considered extra heavy duty and are made for tough use.

How Can I Use Thick Contractor Trash Bags?

Contractor trash bags may be used for many different purposes. At home you may use them to line your large trash cans. The bags are ideal for yard cleanup and for use when doing spring cleaning. You can keep a roll of large trash bags in your truck so you always have access to them.  Contractors use the bags for cleaning up at construction sites and are useful both indoors and outdoors. They can hold objects that are bulky and the bags can hold a lot of weight without tearing.

Once the bags are full you can easily place them on the curb for trash pickup or you can transport them to the dump. They also keep debris more organized in a dumpster. Contractors can receive a discount when they purchase trash bags in bulk.

Choose the thickness that's right for you!

55 gallon trash bags are our personal favorites, but you can choose the size and thickness that's right for you! We'll even make you a custom trash bags if you don't what you're looking for!