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Below is a directory of our most useful articles, resources and popular products.

55 Gallon Trash Bags

Our 55 gallon clear recycle trash bags are suitable for lining heavy large trash can. They can also be used as strong recycle bags.

Plastic Wrap for Moving

Plastic shrink wrap from Ox Plastics adds incredible value to your move, lessening the labor involved in finding and boxing up larger items and providing superior protection during the move. Plastic shrink wrap is very affordable and is considered one of the best ways to hold down costs during a move.

95 Gallon Trash Bags

Our 95 gallon trash bags are not only durable but reliable. No wonder several businesses, companies, movers, and industries across the nation now use our products.

Bulk Trash Bags

Save more when you buy bulk trash bags from OX Plastics! At OX Plastics, we offer you quality, strong, and durable trash bags at affordable prices. We offer individuals and business our huge selection of trash bags feature different dimension, color, and thickness.

Contractor Bags 3 MIL

Contractor bags 3 mil are the ideal contractor trash bags for cleaning up the mess. For your clean up application, always choose our reliable contractor trash bags at OX Plastics.

13 Gallon Trash Bags

13 gallon trash bags are used by residents and businesses all over the nation for tall kitchen trash bins and other waste disposals. With lots of product on the market today, it can be quite tough to find strong and durable trash bags. For your quality trash bags and plastic needs, always turn to OX Plastics.

42 Gallon Trash Bags

Contractors need to use 42 gallon trash bags that are made specifically for holding large and heavy items. These are the most reliable and manageable bags to meet all of the various needs of construction and trash removal.

60 Gallon Trash Bags

60 gallon trash bags typically measure about 41 inches by 55 inches. They are about the largest standard sized trash bags available.

64 Gallon Trash bags

Contractors across the nation now choose heavy duty 64 gallon trash bags. 

65 Gallon Trash Bags

Heavy site cleanups require strong and heavy duty 65 gallon trash bag.

 96 Gallon Trash Bags

It's becoming more and more challenging to locate monster-size 96 gallon bags for outdoor use- Ox Plastics still carries the extremely large garbage bag sizes you're looking for in extra heavy duty thickness.

Contractor Trash Bags New York

Contractor trash bags are extremely strong bags that built for tough jobs. They are large in size and sturdy enough to hold all types of garbage. They come in different sizes and styles.

Custom Trash Bags

Quality custom trash bags are typically purchased online since it's close to impossible to find a local store that offers bags in custom sizes. Look for a reputable dealer that offers a variety of thickness and size options when ordering online.

Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

If you are searching diligently for product wrappings, we, at Ox Plastics, provide the most reliable made in the USA plastic wrapping and extra heavy duty aluminum foil.

Furniture Wrap New York

Our industrial wraps at OX Plastics are among the best quality and strongest wraps you can find on the market today. These wraps feature enhance thickness and improved strength.

Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap

At OX Plastics, we manufacture superior quality, durable shrink wraps suitable for packing supplies, wrapping pallets, moving boxes and many more. We offer you a huge selection of shrink wraps featuring different width and length.

Industrial Shrink Wrap

At OX Plastics, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality industrial shrink wrap for businesses, movers, shipping, packing supplies, and wrapping pallets. Our shrink wraps guarantee quality and strength.

Moving Plastic Wrap

When moving or packing items, it is important to give the product or items adequate protection against scratch or damages. This requires using quality moving wraps.

Moving Shrink Wrap

Moving shrink wrap help provide adequate security and protection for items or packages in transit or storage. Provided the shrink wraps are of superior quality, they will be able to prevent any form of scratch or damage to the package.

Pallet Wrap Brooklyn

Ox Plastics provides the strongest and most durable pallet wrap in Brooklyn. These include wraps for moving furniture as well as for shipping pallets.

Pallet Wrap New York

Ox Plastics offers you the best solution to dispose of your waste properly and secure your items with a commercial shrink wrap in New York.

Plastic Shrink Wrap

At OX Plastics, we always make it a duty to manufacture quality and durable products. We are among the reliable manufacturers of quality plastic shrink wraps, contractor trash bags, and other plastic products across the nation. 

Shrink Wrap Brooklyn

The materials sold by Ox Plastics are all manufactured in brooklyn, New York. Shrink wraps, pallet wrap and shrink wrap rolls are the highest quality in the nation.

Shrink Wrap for Furniture

Heavy-gauge shrink wrap makes an excellent product to protect furniture during a short or long-distance move. Ox Plastics is pleased to carry 80-gauge plastic wrap in a variety of widths and lengths, ideal for wrapping furniture, artwork, heavy or bulky items, and many other belongings that are difficult to source boxes for your move. 

Shrink Wrap New York

Pick up quality shrink wrap rolls online at Ox Plastics and pay less for a better product. We're proud to exceed the expectations of our customers with shrink wrap made to the highest standards in the industry- 80 gauge thick, and offered in numerous widths and lengths.