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Ox Plastics: Extra Heavy Duty Trash Bags & Plastics

At Ox Plastics, most of our catalog is produced right here in the U.S. (New Jersey, to be precise).  We manufacture the toughest, most durable trash bags in our power, designed for uses like:

  • Construction and demolition materials
  • Demanding residential use (e.g. harsh yard debris)
  • Or just ‘on-the-go’ hacks like storing greasy gear or making rain-proof tents.

We also make some other select plastics, like cups and pallet wraps, but extra sturdy plastic trash bags are our main specialty.

The toughest of our trash bags (3+ Mil) are near puncture-proof to even most seriously straining trash – stuff like:

  • Nails, shingles, felt, drip edge
  • Splintered framing, roofing and drywall
  • Broken glass and brick
  • Sharp branches, sticks, rocks

...let alone the usual, less threathening junk.

And all of our products come with our special, prime-quality service, which you wouldn't go wrong to call "The best service trash bags can offer"

Made in USA

Tired of seeing “Made in China” on almost every product you get your hands on?

Time to reclaim that.

Most of our plastic is made in New Jersey, USA. By Americans, for Americans.


Ox Plastics are made from already recycled plastics, and are easy to recycle again. And we’re headed to making them entirely biodegradable.

We may sell plastics, but we strive to reduce and reuse all wastewater and plastic resin.

The Best Service Trash Bags Can Offer

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