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60 Gallon Trash Bags

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60 gallon trash bags brooklyn
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42 Gallon Roll of 100 Bags, 4 MIL Extra Heavy Duty Contractor Trash Bag
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About Our Strong 60-65 Gallon Trash Bags

Heavy site cleanups require strong and heavy duty 65 gallon trash bags. These contractor trash bags are large and strong enough to handle a heavy amount of construction debris, sharp trash, and so forth. The bags can likewise serve as waterproof pack liners. Anytime you need to purchase durable and resilient heavy duty trash bags for your commercial use or cleanup tasks, always turn to OX Plastics. You can count on us for the best quality trash bags, like these popular 3 mil trash bags.

OX Plastics, based in Brooklyn, New York is the premier manufacturer of superior quality, strong, and durable trash bags across the nation. Our contractor trash bags usually feature added strength, thickness, and reinforcement. The tear-resistant nature of our 60 gallon trash bags makes it possible to handle broken glasses, sharp metal lid, and many more without getting ripped. These black trash bags are guaranteed to deliver value and performance.

What’s more, all our 65 gallon trash bags are reliable, and are some of our thickest trash bags. A lot of businesses and industries across the nation now use these garbage bags for various applications that require heavy load and vigorous use. The trash bags have the capabilities to serve commercial uses and handle tough clean-up jobs. No wonder, these heavy trash bags are recognized among the best and finest trash bags you can find in the market today.

How Strong are the 60 Gallon Trash Bags?

60 gallon trash bags are available in a variety of thicknesses. All of them are made of durable, tough plastic that will expand to hold a large quantity of debris. Choose from thicknesses that range between 1.5 mil and 4 mil. 4 mil is our thickest and strongest plastic trash bag. It is able to hold heavy and odd-shaped garbage such as construction debris without puncturing. The thinnest of the trash bags is 1.5 mil and is best for lightweight garbage such as paper and cardboard items.

Reliable Provider of Superior Quality, Strong, and Thick 64 Gallon Contractor Trash Bags

At OX Plastics, we have a reputation for manufacturing quality products. Our trash bags are made with high-quality plastic materials. The thickness of up to 4 mil help provide the bag with the needed strength and durability. We have also reinforced the bottom, middle, and top. This helps in preventing the bag from tearing or ripping while keeping your waste intact.

The increased thickness of the contractor trash bags 3 mil makes them highly suitable for heavy duty tasks and site cleanups. The low-density resin used for making the garbage bags makes them tear and puncture-resistant. Whether you use the bag to carry broken glasses, sharp metal lid, or even overload the bag with construction debris, you can always expect the bag to perform exceptionally.

Purchase Affordable Trash Bags from OX Plastics Today!

At OX Plastics, we offer you quality and affordable garbage bags that are suitable for multiple uses. The trash bags can be used to line tall trash bins and roll-away cans placed at commercial places such as hospitals, supermarkets, malls, and other public centers. They seamlessly fit into the trash cans and can be easily removed, tied, and disposed. Also, the bags can be used for stop jobs like moving, packing, and storage. We have other sizes too! Check out our garbage bags 55 gallon.

Good news! We now carry extra heavy duty aluminum foil!

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