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Tough Pallet Shrink Wrap | 80 Gauge 18 Inch X 1000 Stretch Film - HUGE DISCOUNTS ON BULK ORDERS + FREE SHIPPING

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Tough Pallet Shrink Wrap | 80 Gauge 18 Inch X 1000 Stretch Film *

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Industrial-strength pallet wrap for:

  • Businesses
  • Movers
  • Packing Supplies
  • Shipping
  • and Wrapping Pallets.

These shrink wrap rolls are much stronger than standard plastic wrap, and are better and safer than wraps, belts, or tape.

Buy plastic film wrap in bulk at wholesale prices!

Available quantities:

  • 1 pack
  • 2 packs
  • 4 packs
  • 8 packs

Strong and Puncture Proof Bulk Shrink Wrap

OX Plastics offers trash bags from 13 to 60-gallon capacity and with a thickness up to 4 mils, making them nearly puncture proof from sharp objects like nails and broken glass. OX Plastics also offers pallet wrap and shrinkwrap rolls to securely package a loaded pallet for shipment, wrap a large boat for protection during winter storage and wrap thousands of consumer products found in the big box retails stores.

We also have plastic wrap for moving in different sizes and thickness.

A good way to look at shrink wrap is like a polymer “spring” that is stretched out and just needs “something” for it to return to its natural length. That “something” is a source of heat that will release the stretched-out polymers and allow them to re-form as tangled and shorter polymer strings. The three main advantages to shrink wrap are its low cost, durability, and ability to protect whatever it is covering because it molds itself into the shape of whatever is being wrapped.

Ox Plastics shrink wraps and films are proudly produced and manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials. We are headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. 

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