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13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Bags | Extra Strength and Excellent Quality Bags | 24" x 30" Size | 2ml Thickness | Black | 200 Bags Per Box | Made in USA|

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Our 13 Gallon Trash Bags are the strongest bags available on the market. These heavy duty bags are measured at 2 MIL in thickness which makes it easy to store and dispose of, and they don't easily rip or tear.

OX PLASTICS GARBAGE BAGS: Ox Plastics manufactures the strongest plastic bags for your trash needs. We stand behind the quality of our bags, and if you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us.

About Ox Plastics 13 Gallon Trash Bags

13 gallon trash bags (also sometimes referred to as 30 gallon trash bags) are used by residents and businesses all over the nation for tall kitchen trash bins and other waste disposals. With lots of product on the market today, it can be quite tough to find strong and durable trash bags. For your quality trash bags and plastic needs, always turn to OX Plastics. We manufacture high quality, tough and durable trash bags suitable for various residential and commercial uses.

At OX Plastics, our aim is to provide quality products and services. We are the most reliable manufacturers of extra heavy duty contractor trash bags and plastics. Our 13 gallon trash bags feature up to 2 MIL thickness. These trash bags are thicker and more durable than other traditional white trash bags. Whether you intend to use the bags for residential or commercial waste collection or disposal, they will serve you excellently.

These trash bags are excellent for commercial use including malls, hospitals, offices, schools, stores, large organizations, and so forth. Our tear-resistant trash bags are guaranteed to keep all wastes intact.

Why Choose Our 13 Gallon Trash Bags or 30 Gallon Trash Bags

Plastic trash bags are usually lightweight. They are mostly useful for messy or wet wastes. They can also be used to wrap up garbage and minimize odor. However, the market is filled with lots of inferior products. Some reasons to use our trash bags at OX Plastics include:

Made with Quality Materials: At OX Plastics, we do not compromise on our integrity. Our trash bags are made using quality, durable plastic materials that meet industry standards. Whether you are using the bags for kitchen trash or commercial use, like our 55 gallon contractor bags, you can be certain that the bags will serve your waste collection needs at the highest levels of quality.

Tear Resistant: What’s more, our trash bags feature high resistance to tearing. They are durable and are 2 MIL thick. Thus, preventing heavy garbage from tearing the trash bag.

Reliable and Easy to Use: Our trash bags feature very durable reinforced top. They are reliable and easy to use. The bags can easily be tied and carried for disposal.

Suitable for Tall Trash Bins: These quality 13 gallon trash bags are also suitable for use in tall trash bins. They can be used to line these kitchen trash bins, litters, waste containers, as well as bins in commercial places.

Consider the Environment and Prevent Pollution

Effective waste collection and disposal can prevent environmental pollution and other health hazards. Our trash bags offer an efficient way to keep your trash and waste contained easily. These new and improved trash bags are durable and tear-resistant. The thickness will help in preventing leaks and odors from escaping. Thus, keeping your home or office safe.

Turn To Us for Your Quality & Durable 13 Gallon Trash Bags

Contact us today at OX Plastics for your trash bag needs. Our products are affordable and reliable. We also offer customized solutions for trash bags featuring different gallons, dimension, and thickness. No matter the amount of trash bag you need, we can make them available.

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