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HUGE BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS: Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Wrap | 12 inches | 1000 Ft.

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Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Wrap, Commercial Grade 1000 Ft. Foil Wrap 

High grade commercial heavy duty aluminum foil is 12 inches by 1000 feet. The toughest silverfoil for food storage and temperature regulation. Ox Plastics foil is nonstick and has a length of 1000 sq ft.

Withstanding high heat, wrap food in foil to lock in flavor and make meats tender and juicy! 
Excellent for food service industry, restaurants, cooking, and for any kitchen! 
Disposable aluminum foil wrap in bulk.

Ox Plastics: Provider of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Here in Ox Plastics, we create the toughest, most reliable heavy duty foil on the market. We’re proud to offer you the high-grade eco-friendly products that we have manufactured in the USA.

Perfect Food Storage Friend!

There are many reasons why people look for reliable food storages like aluminum foil. It could be to bring food to a friend, to properly organize meals when camping out, for long trips and even just for storing purposes.

One thing, however, about this type of material is that it tends to break off easily to the point that even a small rip as one caused by a chicken bone can be a doorway to entirely damaging the foil. This is one problem that we had addressed at Ox Plastics.

Our heavy duty aluminum foil comes in different sizes. We offer our foils to be in the range of sizes 12 x 1000 and 18 x 500 depending on your need and the purpose in which you are buying it for. Our company also offers discount packages and percentages depending on the quantity of the items you buy.

More than the durability of our products, the heavy-duty aluminum foils that we offer have a non-stick content which is why you don’t have to worry about food and other particles getting stuck in the foil. Our aluminum foils are also able to withstand high heat temperature of food being tacked inside it.

Yes, We Care About the Environment!

You may be thinking about how it is possible to produce eco-friendly plastics when it’s the number one type of trash that our world is facing. This is so because the products that we manufacture is composed of used plastics which we process with our recyclable materials later on having the finished product as entirely recyclable.

We also make sure that our plastic bags are not easy to be destroyed by sharp objects. We know we can’t avoid throwing things that have sharp edges away and most of the time, that is what destroys most trash bags. Ox Plastics aims to provide customers with almost puncture-proof, heavy-duty trash bags so you can store garbage and not having to worry about the plastic being ripped.


We’re Your Reliable Supplier

Order your heavy duty aluminum foil at Ox Plastics today and enjoy our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!

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