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33- 39 Gallon Black Lawn and Leaf Bag | Extra Strength and Excellent Quality Bags | 32" X 37" Size | 1.5ml Thickness | Black | 100 Bags Per Box | Made in USA|

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Our lawn and leaf bags are large and heavy duty. These lawn bags are sturdy and will not break or rip even with lots of leaves, twigs and trash.These 39 gallon capacity trash bags can hold a lot of leaves, twigs, and trash. 

The plastic trash bags are black and measure 32" x 37". Buy trash bags bulk and save!

About 39 Gallon Trash Bags

Taking care of large, heavy garbage requires big heavy trash bags. These trash bags are excellent when you need something that can withstand tough and rigorous use. For your heavy trash collection and cleanup needs, our large 32-39 gallon trash bags at OX Plastics are up to the job. They are strong, thick, and will not tear or rip easily.

OX Plastics is a reliable manufacturer of superior quality trash bags, plastics, pallet wraps, and so forth. Over the years, a lot of homes and businesses have chosen our products for their various residential and commercial uses. Whether you need a trash bag for your commercial kitchen, store, hospital, or to clean up a huge mess in your backyard, our high-quality trash bags are perfect for the task.

What’s more, our 33 gallon trash bags are large and wide with dimensions 32" x 37". The 1.5 mil thickness of the trash bag provides the needed strength and durability. This thickness also helps in preventing sharp objects like nails, sharp metal lids, or broken glass from ripping the bag. Even if you overstuff the bag, it will conveniently handle the garbage.

We Manufacture Quality and Tear-Resistant Trash Bags

At OX Plastics, we provide quality products and services. Our trash bags are manufactured using superior quality polyethylene material that meets industry standards. The bags are very strong and highly durable. Whether you are using the trash bag in your kitchen or for major site cleanup, you can be certain that the bag will serve you excellently.

In addition, our 33 gallon trash bags, just like our super-popular 13 gallon trash  bags, are tear and puncture-resistant. They feature low-density resin. This helps the trash bags to resists tears and punctures while remaining flexible enough to withstand heavy loads and vigorous use. The bags are reliable and easy to use. You can easily tie and toss them away.

Also, these trash bags feature sturdy and reinforced gusset seal. The top, middle, and bottom of the trash bags come with added reinforcements. This adds an extra layer of strength and resilience. Thus, keeping your wastes intact while preventing unpleasant odor or leakage. If you need a bag that guarantees value and performance, our trash bags at OX Plastics are exactly what you need to go for.

Versatile and Suitable For Multiple Uses

Our 33 gallon trash bags are highly versatile and suitable for multiple uses. You can use the bag to line the tall trash bin in your home. The trash bags can also be used as commercial recycling bins in hospitals, schools, supermarkets, malls, stores, office, and so forth.

Contractors can also use bigger trash bags, like our 95 gallon trash bags for heavy site cleanup applications. They are handy for spot jobs like moving, packing, and storage. These large trash bags are just the all in one bag solution you need for your various residential and commercial tasks.

What Are the Uses for 32 Gallon Trash Bags?

32 gallon trash bags are the ideal size to hold all types of garbage, debris and yard waste. The 32 gallon size is generally about 32 inches by 37 inches. This size is perfect for filling with almost any type of garbage that you need to throw away. The size is large enough to hold plenty of junk without being unwieldy. For larger jobs, check out our 55 gal trash bags. At home you can use them for regular household trash, cleaning out the garage, filling with yard debris or sorting out old clothing and items to be given away. They can also be used on the job site for all types of mid-sized cleanups.

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