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42 to 46 Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags | 2 MIL Thick | 37" x 43" Size | Extra Strength and Excellent Quality Bags | Made in USA

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42-46 Gallon Trash Bags 2 MIL 37" x 43" | Heavy Duty Contractor Trash Bags

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Ox Plastics 40 to 46 Gallon Trash Bags are 2 MIL thick for strong durability and perfectly suitable as contractor trash bags.  They will fit trash cans that are 40 gallon to 46 gallon.

These bags are made from the highest quality plastic in the USA. Black contractor garbage bags are large enough to be used as trash can liners as they measure 37 X 43.

The roll of trash bags makes it easier for transport and therefore these are the ideal roll of bags you want to keep in your car or truck. Even in the garage these save space over boxes of bags, and can be accessed much quicker and efficiently.

Our contractor trash bags are risk-free:

Ox Plastics guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back. 

What Makes Our 40 Gallon Trash Bags Unique?

Our trash bags are made from the highest quality plastic in the USA. Apart from collecting wastes, these large, heavy-duty bags can be used to carry heavy loads of sharp trash, construction debris, books, and many more. Their waterproof nature makes them suitable as waterproof pack liners. Some unique features of the product include:

Quality Plastic Material: Our contractor trash bags at OX Plastics are manufactured using superior quality plastic materials.  The bags are strong and durable. They also feature improved thickness and reinforcement. 

Innovative Strength: Trash bags that tear can make your home or workplace messy. Your entire space will be filled with an unpleasant odor. Our trash bags at OX Plastics feature up to 2 MIL thickness. This helps to provide the bag with the needed thickness to prevent tears and rips, even when the bag is overstuffed. The top, middle, and bottom of the bag are also reinforced to prevent leaks or odor from escaping.

Reliable Value: In addition, our trash bags are designed to combine innovative features, convenience, ease of use, and reliability. The 40 gallon, 42 gallon, and 45 gallon trash bags offer enhanced value and performance. They can be easily and quickly tied, removed, and disposed. Whether you are using the trash bag for minor or major jobs in your home or workplace, you can always anticipate excellent performance.

Multiple Uses: Also, our 40 gallon contractor trash bags can be used for kitchen trash bin lining and in busy breakrooms. They can also serve commercial use in schools, hospitals, malls, stores, supermarkets, workplace, and so forth. They are handy and versatile for spot jobs such as moving, packing, and storage.

About Ox Plastics 40-46 Gallon Trash Bags

Large, heavy-duty 40 gallon trash bags are often used for collecting construction debris and other clean up applications. The thickness of these trash bags make it possible to keep waste intact and prevent odor from escaping. However, with lots of trash bags on the market today, finding quality products can be tough. For your quality and durable contractor trash bags, always turn to OX Plastics.

At OX Plastics, we manufacture quality, strong, and durable trash bags suitable for various residential and commercial uses. Our 40 gallon contractor trash bags, as well as 42 gallon trash bags and 45 gallon trash bags, feature a thickness of 2 MIL. These contractor trash bags are very large and extra wide. They are easy to use, carry, and dispose. They are also suitable for use as trash can liners.

Homes, businesses, and contractors across the nation use our trash bags for their various trash collection, disposal, and clean up applications. Some need larger sizes, like our 65 gallon trash bag. The roll of trash bags makes it easier to transport. Anytime you need a roll of bags to keep in your truck or car, simply go for our strong 40-46 gallon trash bags. You can be certain that the trash bags will serve your needs perfectly.

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At OX Plastics, we offer you affordable and quality products that can serve your residential, commercial use and clean up applications excellently. Add to cart today to get your bulk 40 gallon trash bags order delivered! Be sure to check out our 55 gal garbage bags too and 13 gallon trash bags too!

Ox Plastics 40-46 Gallon Trash Bags are made in the USA from the highest quality materials. We are headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

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