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Rhino Aluminum Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Pans Disposable | Half Size Deep Baking Pans | Superior and Premium Quality | Meant for Baking, Grilling, Catering, Roasting, BBQ, Food Prep & Food Storage | Made in USA

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Product description
  • HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM PANS: Made from prime quality aluminum tin foil, these trays are very strong and durable, meant to endure extremely high temperatures with solid rims so that it doesn’t bend easily. It’s the perfect pan for grilling, baking, roasting, preparing for BBQ and food storage.

  • HALF SIZE DEEP: These pans are measured at 9” x 13” and 2.5 “ deep. Perfect size for all cookbooks and recipes that require a 9x13 pan. Strong aluminum and special design Pans make it ideal for high heating cooking food. which reduces the chance of burned baked goods and helps in creating a beautiful smooth crust. Our half-size deep pans are made with great care and best use. This half chafing pan is made of heavy-duty aluminum with a perfect gauge and is much stronger than other serving trays.

  • FREEZER AND OVEN SAFE: These pans are heavy duty and can store food for longer than the average aluminum pan. It can stay in the freezer and can be used on the grill or in an oven cooking foods at the perfect rate. It’s disposable so that there is no cleanup necessary but can always be reused if needed.

  • MADE IN USA AND RECYCLABLE: These pans are manufactured in the US and can always be recycled. It’s made of biodegradable material and will not harm the planet. Our pans are biodegradable which are good for nature and do not add any pollution to the environment. Our disposable pans are eco-friendly and best for multiple uses. Our product is made in the USA and also we support the local production. Pans are recyclable use multiple times during cooking and serving the food.

  • EASY STORAGE: These pans are stackable and can be stored easily. Our aluminum Pans are designed with a deep pot and come with a lid. The simple-sided seal can help you lock the freshness of the food, keep the food a little longer, and prevent the food from spilling. The Pans food container is the first choice for soups, fried foods, salads, cakes, etc everything of eating is can be store easily and safely. After servings the food you just open the lid and enjoy fresh food.


Ox Plastics Standard Premium Pans is best for Storage. Bakers & Chefs restaurant-quality products are designed to meet the high demands of the commercial foodservice business. More efficiently and conveniently. Elegant and exquisite packaging brings you a healthy life. This means you can confidently store food in the freezer, or wrap up leftovers. Our Pans transport easily and unlike real dishes, they can be disposed of right after use. They're also dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe.


  • Durable & Heavy-duty
  • Recyclable & Disposable
  • Large Storage Space
  • High temperature resistance


Our Pans is multipurpose clean easily. You don't need to spend a lot of time cleaning the bakeware, which saves you from having to think about cleaning while you are enjoying the food.


  • Leak resistant and oven safe
  • Available in different sizes and styles
  • Heavy-duty Packaging Material
  • Ideal for takeout and catering events


Our disposable foil pans are they’re fully recyclable, bio-degradable and we would not have it any other way. Dispose of the foil packaging when you don’t feel like cleaning. Aluminum can be recycled countless times.


Highly durable & premium quality material aluminum product made for use in commercial kitchens, restaurants, school cafeterias, and small businesses. Many uses for BBQ, toasting, steaming, grilling, broiling, etc. The durable disposable food containers with lids will make a difference in your meal prep. It is very suitable for holding large gatherings, picnics, or parties. It can be used in the High-temperature range.

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